Mobile kitchen Rental Wisconsin

Does Wisconsin Mobile Kitchen Rental Services Have Health and Safety Accreditation?

Our mobile kitchen for rent in Wisconsin are equipped with basic requirements according to Health and Food Safety standards. We have three compartment sinks, hand sinks, ovens and ranges for your food preparation needs. We also have fire suppression systems compliant to fire safety compliance in the country. Upon inquiry, we will show you our site and floor plans in CAD, where you can choose between 24 ft. to 66 ft. mobile trailers, custom-built designs for interior and exterior layout. Aside from that, we offer you a complete package of commercial kitchen cooking, food storage and wastage equipment, as well as refrigeration and industrial services for your mobile kitchen rental needs. Our mobile trailers are modular in nature so you can change or add up from the basic kitchen needs and personalize it depending on the needs of your business. We have nearby sites in US and America so we can easily transport materials as needed.

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